Blue and white striped rug

Decorating a house is one way to give your house a comforting ambience. Most people decorate their house by mix and matching some items, from furniture, curtains, wall color, and other decorating elements. In most households, rugs have been a popular decorating item which can add your room beauty. There are various kinds of rugs people commonly purchase, such as traditional, transitional, or modern-themed rugs. The traditional-themed rugs are those with Persian or Asian color and pattern scheme, while transitional rugs are those with certain repeated item design. The modern-themed rugs show bold design and more work of art. The stripes and chevron-themed rugs are some popular examples.

Reviews of Blue and White Striped Rugs

There are a lot of stripped-themed rugs nowadays. These rugs can be either hand-woven or machine-woven. This kind of rug design can complement your modern decorated house very well. These rugs can go along with plain or polka dot furniture to give vintage or contemporary accent, or with some metal-based ones to create more modern look. These two rugs are recommended for your home decorations. Those are:

  1. Surya Frontier FT-298 Flatweave Hand Woven 100% Wool Blue Corn 5′ x 8′ Stripes Area Rug

The first décor element is the Surya Frontier FT-298 Flatweave Hand Woven 100% Wool Blue Corn 5′ x 8′ Stripes Area Rug. This is a rug with a modern touch of stripes. The flat weaved lines in blue and white gives the modern symmetrical accent which is great for your metal-based furniture. This rug is 100% made from wool and is hand woven. This is an authentic work as it is not machine-made. As this is a handmade, the price is quite high. This Surya Frontier FT-298 Flatweave Hand Woven 100% Wool Blue Corn 5′ x 8′ Stripes Area Rug is offered for USD $346, which is quite expensive for a decorative rug. However, this is a price to pay for an authentic handmade work, which goes well with your vintage or modern home details. One drawback is that the rug is not water-resistant. Hence, this is also not stain-resistant. Despite this, cleaning the spills and messes, even spots on this rug is quite simple. All you need is a dry towel soaked in a warm water and dish soap. You can remove the stain by scratch it with this towel. Vacuuming the rug is also simple as the rug is thick enough so it won’t roll up when vacuumed.

  1. Maxy Home Shag Block Striped Waves White Turquoise Blue Grey 3’3″ x 4’8″ Contemporary Area Rug

Another great home décor element which is a blue-white striped rug is the Maxy Home Shag Block Striped Waves White Turquoise Blue Grey are rug. This rug has a more dynamic weave pattern than the Surya Frontierarea rug. This one is a machine-woven rug made from 100% polypropylene. The 3’3” by 4’8” is USD $40, which is a quite low price for a striped rug. This rug is serged around to avoid yarn ravel. You can choose some other size, with the biggest one measures 6’7″ x 9’3″ and costs USD $150. The rug is also available in white, grey, and turquoise blue. This Maxy Home Shag Block Striped rug is both water and stain resistant, which provides durability and easy cleaning.

Which one should I choose?

Both blue and white striped rugs will give nice ambience to your décor. However, the two have quite big difference in prices. The Surya Frontier is hand-woven and thus, cost much higher than the Maxy Home which is machine-woven. If you look for the luxurious item with unlimited budget, the first one will be suitable. Yet, it is not water resistant, so it will be complicated if you are keeping pets inside or having active kids. Considering this, the latter will be more suitable. Whichever you choose, the striped rug will give a nice touch to your either contemporary or modern home decoration.

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